Something in the water...

Biodyne Environoc™ 401 vs untreated control

Two days following planting-the well at right was treated with Biodyne Environoc™  401 according to label instructions, the well at left served as untreated control. 

By 8 days post-planting, treated corn plants showed increased growth and plant vigor

Bacterial boost

With Environoc 401's mixture of  Azospirillum, Bacillus, Cellulomonas, Pseudomonas, and Streptomyces species inoculated at planting, treated corn plants were nearly 50% larger at 23 days after planting

Measured results

Both corn plants from each treatment group were pulled on day 26 of the trial period, roots were cleaned, plants were weighed and measured from the first root to the tip of the longest leaf. Plants treated with Environoc 401 weighed 0.6oz and measured 45.5cm from root1 to the tip of the longest leaf, while untreated controls weighed 0.3oz and measured 34cm from root 1 to tip of the longest leaf. 

Biodyne Environoc 401

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