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Stalk splitting: Plant necropsy

Performance of Biodyne Midwest's Meltdown observed through splitting stalks. Renewable Farming, LLC article cites Agronomy Rx Founder, Larry Eekhoff's, work in the field.

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Biodyne's newest product melting down tough stubble

Meltdown, Biodyne Midwest's newest stalk digestor, is showing visible performance in local fields. Check out an article posted by Renewable Farming, LLC here!

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A peek at 2018 soybean harvest

Biodyne's Environoc 801 shows promise in north central Iowa

Despite a challenging growing season, there is hope for a promising soybean harvest. A recent walk through a bean field just south of Britt, Iowa offered an intriguing snapshot of biological product performance in a side-by-side comparison. In areas treated with Environoc 801 in the pre-plant herbicide tank mix, pod counts, seed counts, and numbers of pod clusters per node. 

The 192-acre field was planted with Pioneer 25A90PR at a rate of 140,000 seeds/acre on May 22. Planting was followed by application of Dupont Enlite/Zidua at an average rate of 14.7 gallons/acre around the border of the field, while a tank mixture of Dupont Enlite, Zidua, and Environoc 801 was applied at an average rate of 14.6 gallons/acre throughout the remainder of the field. On August 31, two areas were examined by randomly pulling 6 plants per sample and compared based on cluster count, pod count, and seed count per plant. 

In both sampling areas, plants treated with Environoc 801 outperformed their untreated peers. In the first area, treated samples averaged 35 clusters/plant, 69 pods/plant and 175 seeds/plant while the untreated samples averaged 28 clusters/plant, 60 pods/plant, and 143 seeds/plant. Yield calculations projected 100.3 bushels/acre in the treated area and only 82.1 bushels/acre in the untreated area. 

 Results were similar in the second sampling area, where treated samples averaged 44 clusters/plant, 101 pods/plant, and 232 seeds/plant and untreated samples averaged 38 clusters/plant, 86 pods/plant, and 161 seeds/plant. 

 When results were combined, and overall averages are evaluated, the treated areas boast 21% more clusters/plant, 16% more pods/plant, and 33% more seeds/plant over the untreated areas of the field. Based on 12 plants per sample, treated plants averaged 40 clusters/plant, 85pods/plant, and 203 seeds/plant and untreated plants averaged 33 clusters/plant, 73 pods/plant, and 152 seeds/plant. 

Your partners at Agronomy Rx will continue to monitor the performance of this field as actual yield results pass through the combine, and we’ll deliver further updates to you through. Meanwhile, we wish you the best of harvest 2018 and will see you in the field!

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Released for use with the 2018 crop, Biodyne Midwest’s Environoc 801LN provides producers without in-furrow delivery capacity at the time of planting a viable option for utilizing the biostimulant alongside routine pre-plant or pre-emergence herbicide.


Something in the water...

Biodyne Environoc™ 401 vs untreated control


Two days following planting-the well at right was treated with Biodyne Environoc™  401 according to label instructions, the well at left served as untreated control. 


By 8 days post-planting, treated corn plants showed increased growth and plant vigor

Bacterial boost


With Environoc 401's mixture of  Azospirillum, Bacillus, Cellulomonas, Pseudomonas, and Streptomyces species inoculated at planting, treated corn plants were nearly 50% larger at 23 days after planting

Measured results


Both corn plants from each treatment group were pulled on day 26 of the trial period, roots were cleaned, plants were weighed and measured from the first root to the tip of the longest leaf. Plants treated with Environoc 401 weighed 0.6oz and measured 45.5cm from root1 to the tip of the longest leaf, while untreated controls weighed 0.3oz and measured 34cm from root 1 to tip of the longest leaf. 

Biodyne Environoc 401

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MycoGold-boosting mycorrhiza fungi in your soil

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